(Photo by S.Bernard / Luc1 Honda)

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) was again unbeatable at the 2nd round of the French Supermoto Championship at Villars-sous-Ecot.

In the first race , Thomas Chareyre made the holeshot , followed by his brother Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia), Sylvain Bidart (Honda , Team Luc1 Motorsport). The difference between the three drivers grows gradually throughout the race and that is the order they cross the finish line without actually being harassed by the following competitors.

In the second race , Sylvain Bidart starts with a good pace and took the lead at the start. After two rounds , Thomas Chareyre and Adrien Chareyre overtake him. However, they manage to keep the pressure on Thomas. Waren Bougard ( Husqvarna Team FRD ) is more than 40 seconds behind the leading trio. Thomas Chareyre wins the second race, again followed his brother Adrien and Sylvain Bidart.

Thomas Chareyre leads the standings but he will not ride at other French Championship events. The battle will be between Adrien Chareyre and Sylvain Bidart. Bidart loses two points on its main competitor, but with 6 races to run, everything is still possible. Finally, Waren Bougard is not out of the battle yet and he hopes to better his third place from last year. So we bet that the show will go on.

Full results

Overall ranking Prestige :

1 T. Chareyre 

2 Chareyre A.

3 S. Bidart 

4 W. Bougard

5 D. Baffeleuf

Provisional classification Championship - Prestige :

1 T. Chareyre 150 pts 

2 A. Chareyre , 130 pts 

3 S. Bidart , 122 pts

4. W. Bougard , 108 pts 

5 D. Baffeleuf 5, 85 pts

S2: De Clercq wins the race but Goguet has control

Till De Clercq ( Yamaha Team Blot ) was clearly at ease on the circuit Villars. After setting the fastest lap time in the qualification, he won the first race and finished second in the second race, which gave him the overall.

Adrien Goguet (Yamaha The 2 Wheels ), after great battles ,ends 2nd and 1st in the races. Jean-Charles Decabooter ( Yamaha Team FAST / The Wheels 2 ) completes the S2 podium. Note the absence of Germain Vincenot (Honda, Team Luc1 Motorsport) , who was injured during a training and has to give up his hope for the S2 title.

Overall ranking event - S2:

1. T. De Clercq

2. A. Goguet

3. J.-C. Decabooter

4. N. Cousin

5. J. Bagieu

Provisional classification Championship - S2:

1. A. Goguet, 137 pts

2. T. De Clercq, 130 pts

3. J.-C. Decabooter, 129 pts

4. G. Martinez, 94 pts

5. J. Bagieu, 88 pts


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