Two new classes will be introduced in the 2014 Supermoto European Championship: the SM3, reserved to 250 cc 4-strokes bikes and the SM300, reserved to 200 cc to 300 cc 2-strokes bikes. The new classes will race together but with separated classifications.

TM and KTM have already set up the 300 cc bikes for the SM300 class with low costs, for young riders who want to participate in this discipline.
The new SM3 and SM300 classes will have eight rounds, which will be held together with the FIM Supermoto World Championship; the race format will consist of two races of ca. twenty minutes each.

The upcoming Supermoto season will also see the SM85 class reserved to the riders from eleven to fifteen years.
This class will race during the Bulgarian and Romanian Grand Prix and during the FIM Supermoto of Nations that will be hosted in Pleven in October

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