11, 12 and 13 October, the Jules Circuit Tacheny Mettet will host the 27th edition of the WantySuperbiker. This unique event, one of the world’s biggest Supermoto gatherings, pits the biggest stars of speed and motocross head to head in the same race. This year features an exceptional crop of world-class riders with last year’s winner, the young Romain Febvre, heading the charge as favourite for the 2013 title.

The highlight of the 2013 race is amended circuit design, introducing a double-circuit layout for Starbikers which features an all new jump on the asphalt as well action in the dirt. In Freestyle visitors will witness a much vaunted duel between the amazing Aussie Robbie Maddison vs. Mat Rebeaud, with the darling of Belgian public Gilles Dejong hunting them down. As ever at Mettet the crowd, benefits from the circuits natural layout and hillside elevation to get closer to the action than at any other event to feel the spectacle and passion and energy of the race

Outside of the stars of Starbiker, the 2013 version is equally exceptional with the participation ofno less than a dozen U.S. professional stars flying in to compete along with two riders of the Belgium team that won the Motocross of Nations in full force (De Dycker and van Horebeek). Michael "Rocket" Pichon, double world Superbike champion Troy Corser and the top names in Supermoto, not to mention Mettet’s little prince Stéphane Chambon, who seduced by the sourcery of the double track, will put on his leathers to challenge at the highest level.

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