Mark Burkhart the 2008 Moto X World Supermoto Champion, 2007 X-Games Supermoto Gold winner, and 2007 AMA Supermoto Champion is weighing his options for the upcoming supermoto season. At this point he does not have any firm plans in place. He is currently exploring the possibility of forming his own supermoto race team to compete in the X Games, the Proximus Superbiker event in Belgium and the AMA Supermoto Series.

“This is a crazy situation, but I am sure it will work out. It is great that we finally have the dates for the AMA Series; however, they waited so long, it has put some of us in a challenging position  to get deals done in time for the first event next month in Fontana. A few of my loyal sponsors and supporters like Monster Energy, Dunlop, Arai, Scott Goggles and Sidi have already committed to helping me, but finding a title sponsor will make the team a reality,” commented Burkhart.

Burkhart added, “I am a strong believer in supermoto racing and know that it can be as big as the other motorcycle racing sports in the United States. Events like the X Games and the Superbiker event in Europe demonstrate that there is a market and huge demand if supermoto racing is promoted correctly and given the proper attention. The X Games has provided the perfect platform to build upon; I saw that this weekend at the Sports Trivia event which was presented by Budweiser. I was teamed up with some of the biggest names in professional sports and there was plenty of interest in my sport and my achievements in supermoto racing. That tells me supermoto is currently only scratching the surface as far as mainstream recognition.”

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