Since the Supermoto news is kinda slow in these very cold days, I thought I would make some updates to the website. I added a new Racing section to the site which includes all the schedules of the 2009 Supermoto Championships and all the respective racing organizations. There are enough races in 2009 but I have to point out some things. Most of the calendars are filled well, but I was surprised to see that the French Supermoto Championship only has 6 races, that's aint much for the birth country of Supermoto. But there are other countries like the Netherlands where it's the other way around. There will be 16 Dutch Championship races this year in this small country where Supermoto is getting more and more popular. The schedule for the AMA Supermoto hasn't been announced yet, the series has hit a rough patch and I really hope they will work out the issues for 2009. If you are reading this and your country's racing organisation (amateur or professional doesn't matter) is not in the Racing section please don't hesitate to contact me so your racing series can be added to the list.

I also updated the Photo gallery with 80 new pics of the hottest Supermoto bikes! 

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